Kapag ang isang tao nagkamali dahil nagkagusto siya sa ibang babae/lalaki, tanggapin mo na hindi na kayo babalik sa dati. Ang totoong nagmamahal ay kontento sa isang at  hindi na nila kailangan maghanap pa ng iba. 

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I expected too much because he showed and gave me too much that makes me expect for more.

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Alright first and for most, I want to address the details that were actually said on this video. And yeah I’m posting it cause he admitted it anyways that it was indeed him. I for one believed it sounded like him upon first hearing it, but felt confused whether or not to believe it just because of the things he said and the way he said them. It was just unlike what we have seen and thought of of this guy.

And here’s my opinion, about the friend that “betrayed” him. It was wrong. Point blank, it was wrong to record secretly like that. Maybe he saw there was something to gain on his part by recording this conversation cause mass of people see’s DJ in such a bright light- a one woman guy and a chill and grounded guy & what we’re hearing in this audio is quite opposite of that- he’s trash talking someone and talking about getting kilig when a girl who people are claiming to be Jasmin Curtis texted him.

But I have to say, as much as it is wrong, it’s actually a blessing in disguised for Kath & a wake up call for DJ. Without this guy doing what he did, maybe Kath would have never known how DJ actually gets kilig texting other girl(s). Maybe without leaking this video, it could have grown worse and Kathniel would have ended up just like Kimerald and we’ll just one day see an issue like DJ was seen with another girl. I think it was best to have caught this kind of issue from the get go, the sooner the better because the last thing I want for Kath is to get fooled for so long by a guy who claimed he only had eyes for her etc.

It’s a wake up call for DJ to not only pick loyal friends, but to just be loyal to Kath in general. What irks me about this is how he always talked about Kath not being able to talk to guys and shit and yet here he is. Texting a girl and getting kilig about it. Like what is that DJ… that’s my big disappointment here. If you’re going to set rules for our Teen Queen to not talk to other guys then you should be the first one to be following that rule by not talking to other girls. I know it’s inevitable to not talk to the opposite sex, but if you’re feeling something more already for that person, that’s a call it stop it already cause you know you have someone. You’re Kath’s first love and everything, and the kind of person she is, she is not going to be going to talking or flirting with other guys cause SHE is a one guy woman without needing to say it to the world vocally as you did before.

Now for those speculating that the girl is Jas, let’s say it is. But my thing here is, by the sound of it… I don’t think she was flirting back. First of all she has a boyfriend. I feel like she was texting him out of friendship not to flirt. Cause you can clearly hear DJ saying how when he texted, it was how long til’ she actually texted back. That’s why he got kilig, cause after waiting so long she finally replied to him. So unless otherwise stated and proven, those that are hating on Jas, dont. Cause it was only confirmed that DJ was the one kilig, not her too. She never looked to be the kind that flirted around and she always praised Kath’s beauty. She and Sam look to be in very good terms especially since they have a show together.  Don’t you think if she was feeling the same way she would have texted him sooner?

So if anything, just cause DJ was kilig over let’s say it is Jas, it doesn’t mean that that kilig feeling was felt by her as well. She very well may be thinking he’s texting cause they just became good friends after taping Bonifacio. And in an interview she’s had, she said when they texted it was revolved around if her dad was okay and what not. So having that in my mind, and knowing from previous experiences, I would believe that that was DJ’s way of making conversation with her if he was indeed “kilig” talking to her. Overall, I’m giving Jas the benefit of the doubt here. That she took his texting as him befriending her, not in a flirtatious way- cause we should know how it goes- you don’t text someone making it obvious that you’re flirting with them especially upon barely meeting them. You’re subtle about it, casual. And by the sound of DJ saying he texted asking if she was home or w/e, it was keeping it casual but that got him kilig when she finally replied.

Now, again if it is Jas, well damn that’s just all wrong to begin with as well BECAUSE she has a boyfriend. Like that is 2 strikes in one if it is her… one for even texting another girl and getting kilig & another for that girl being one who is already taken while you’re taken as well. And this just makes me think of that one ASAP spiel where you can tell DJ was obviously jealous over Sam when he had that prod with Kath and he carried her on his shoulders. It’s like… you’re going to get jealous and make it visible on TV towards Sam and yet here you are trying to pretty much flirt with his girlfriend through text? Just damn though. Again this is all IF it is Jas he’s talking about.

Like, for him to say that bit about Pat finally leaving so now no one will bother him… that part made me feel like Pat might have been trying to set him in the right- you know, talking some sense into him that he shouldn’t be flirting & with a taken girl at that. Cause we all know how great he is with Arisse.. so you know for DJ to sound so relieved that Pat is gone, you can tell this was just something wrong that he was doing. Which again, so much disappointment. Probably why that first Bench rehearsal Arisse, Dom and Kath were at Pat’s while DJ wasn’t.

Alright that is about just this video alone. Next post will be about everything else. Just have too much to say, especially since I kept mum until now. Yeah this was all negative towards DJ but only cause there was only bad in all this in relation to this video, there’s no defending the things he said. The only argument is how the friend shouldn’t have betrayed him. But I believe everything happens for a reason. While others are angry and betrayed, I personally feel thankful that this guy did what he did. Cause he opened our eyes that we like the Teen King, got too comfortable. We got too comfortable in thinking he’s this “perfect” guy that will never hurt Kath. He got too comfortable thinking he’ll never lose/ get caught by Kath. And now here we are, more aware more than ever. We are now going to feel the need to protect Kath even more now, and he’s going to have to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid again to lose her. Cause fuck dude, come on. It’s Kath. EVERY guys dream girl… so many would kill to have what you have with her… for you to lose her, it truly is YOUR lost, not hers. Definitely not a lost on her part if you were flirting with another girl.

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chill hazel grace its a metaphor

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Gusto ko na ulit ng mahabang buhok. Peram nga ng wig dyan hehe.

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when you reread a book or rewatch a show/movie and you notice things


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